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A pile of stickers

What do I win?

Overall Winner

Operator Mono +
$100 Gift Card to Sticker Mule

You'll get a copy of the most beautiful font ever: Operator Mono by Hoefler & Co. (that $$$ font Taylor uses). You'll also get a $100 gift card to Sticker Mule.

Screenshot of Operator Mono font in VS Code

Category Winner

Laravel Sticker Pack

If you end up with the most votes in any category, you'll win a pack of Laravel stickers. It's a pretty big deal, I know.

An envelope with Laravel stickers inside

First 50 Entries

Free Sticker

Be one of the first 50 people to enter and get a free "Laravel Sticker Contest 2018" sticker mailed to your door. Thanks to Sticker Mule for providing these dope stickers.

A scattered pile of stickers

How do I enter?

Tweet a picture of your laptop with hashtag:

It couldn't be easier.

Fake tweet to #laravelstickercontest2018

How do I vote?

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Winner Is Announced

Friday, August 31st

Who's behind this?

Caleb peaking over his laptop like Wilson from Home Improvement

Hi! I’m Caleb Porzio

I work at Tighten, co-host a podcast called Twenty Percent Time, write blog posts, and tweet about Laravel things.

I made this contest for two reasons: I love the Laravel community, and I love the stickers on my laptop. Laravel has given me so much, this fun lil' project is my way of giving back.

Thank you sponsors!

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